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Glasgow artist Norman Gilbert?s life celebrated in Tramway exhibition

Norman Gilbert (1926-2019) attended Glasgow School of Art before embarking on a raft of solo shows and exhibitions. He?ll be honoured at an exhibition of his work at Tramway from September 2022. It?s the intricacy and detail juxtaposed by the ordinary subject matter that really strikes you when you take in Norman Gilbert?s work. He […]
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Shadow House extension stands in the shade of an Edwardian home

Landscape Designer Miranda Brooks at Home

03-10-2022 21:41 - ( decoration )

How to make clay pinch pots

Bowl everyone over with your creativity and keep things tidy with these hand-crafted clay containers These sweet, little rustic pinch bowls are easy to make and come in handy for holding all kinds of things. I love their forgiving, imperfect form...
03-10-2022 22:08 - ( decoration )

Marble Effect Tiles Trends

Marble effect tiles are a type of tile that looks like being made from marble. They can be used to create various looks, depending on the color and style you choose. Marble effect tiles come in many colors, so you can find one that will perfectly...
03-10-2022 22:30 - ( decoration )

8 Unique Ways To Use Mirrors For Remodeling Your Minimalist Home

If you?re on a tight budget and want to remodel your house in a minimalistic way, a great start would be to add mirrors. Mirrors have been used for centuries to reflect light and increase the size of otherwise-small rooms. They can also add style...
03-10-2022 22:30 - ( decoration )

25 Fall Furniture Finds From Lulu & Georgia That You Need

One of my favorite retailers for fall furniture finds is Lulu & Georgia. Arched furniture is trending for fall 2022. It’s all about mixing unique shapes and textures to create a cozy and functional home. One of my favorite pieces from...
03-10-2022 22:15 - ( decoration )

7 Ways to Transform Your Backyard

A home is more than what?s inside its walls. A home also includes its outdoor space. Luckily, there are tons of great ideas that can transform a backyard from drab to fabulous quickly and economically. The best part about some of these ideas is that...
03-10-2022 22:30 - ( decoration )

A Traditional SwedishVilla Overlooking the Stockholm Archipelago

I\'ve been to Stockholm many times, but it was only when I visited the surrounding archipelago that I truly grasped the allure of living there. We passed thousands of cottages on the water\'s edge nestled among forest, while commuters, kayakers...
03-10-2022 21:41 - ( decoration )

Idea Book 2023: FLIPBOOK

Still in progress. Come back soon!
03-10-2022 21:48 - ( decoration )

8 Ways To Decorate Your Bedside Table

Last year, #DifferenceMakesUs in celebration of the personal, sweet differences that makes us all so unique and which serves to unite us. I like how they sum it up, “Difference makes us. Life is beautiful, not because of our similarities, but...
27-02-2017 21:32 - ( decoration )

Backdrop + Coming Soon Reveal Bold Color of the Year

Every December, the design industry waits with bated breath for Pantone to announce the Color of the Year as their pick often dictates trends within the home and fashion industries. Giving a cheeky nod to this yearly tradition is Backdrop, with the...
03-10-2022 21:47 - ( decoration )

Don?t have space" Here is how to add a home office with these affordable ideas

As the pandemic era is hopefully ending, the remote working setup will become part of the norm. For better or worse, the home office is here to stay. However, working from home may be challenging for people who are foreign to a remote-first culture....
03-10-2022 22:30 - ( decoration )

An Old/New Trend That Has Us Thinking We Might Be Ok With “Faux-Aging”…

When I brought up the idea of this trend to the team there were mixed responses. Some were like “I LOVE this” while others didn’t deny its budding resurgence but weren’t necessarily sure about it. I had been seeing it pop up,...
03-10-2022 22:16 - ( decoration )

10 of the best side tables and stools

Small and often overlooked, it?s time to let side tables and stools shine Make a sculptural statement with these side tables and stools which are a quick way to update your kitchen or living spaces. Chia lamp table, $199, from Danske Mobler. Luca...
01-10-2022 22:04 - ( decoration )