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How Home Design Affects Your Mood and Mental Health

How you design your home affects a lot more than what it looks like to guests and visitors. Everything from the colors you choose to your furnishings also impacts your mood and mental health. For example, if you?re choosing a new paint color, some will affect your mood differently than others. Of course, you want […] The post How Home Design Affects Your Mood and Mental Health appeared first on Impressive Interior Design.

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22 Types Of Plaster to Consider for Your Home

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11 enchanting forest themed homewares for the fairy-tale lovers

Cast a spell of enchantment with some fairy-tale forest magic Fairytales don’t just have to be the inspiration for children’s bedroom. Bring a bit of whimsy to your home with beautiful cushions and lanterns – or if you’re after a sweet nod...
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About time

This new outdoor clock from Lascelles with metal case, is primed for garden time-telling ? it?s waterproof and already pre-aged and weathered. It?s suitable for indoors too. 110.
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Simple Ways That You Can Make Your New House Feel Like Your New Home

Make your new house feel homey and inviting with these tips!   Photos By: Unsplash When we first step into a new property, it always takes a while to make the switch between viewing it as someone else?s home and feeling like it?s ours. To make...
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The 10 Best Greige Paint Colors for Your Home

One of the hottest trends for neutral paint colors right now is greige. The name might sound confusing, but it?s actually quite straightforward: it?s gray and beige! The beauty is that these colors together ensure they look great with any tones in...
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Your Urgent Interior Design Project Needs These Pieces

There?s nothing like the perfect lighting piece to brighten your world, right" Happy Tuesday to you, the loyal follower of our blog! Today we are there to bring you some lighting ideas for your interior design project. We all know it might be...
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Top 5 ways to get rid of old furniture

Once in a while, we go through life changes and we have to deal with furniture removal, maybe moving the house, house renovation, or just throwing away unwanted items. Furniture removal can be a demanding task. We all know how hard it is to decide...
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1960s Ted Keen modern house in Blackheath, London SE3

WowHaus 1960s Ted Keen modern house in Blackheath, London SE3 1960s Ted Keen modern house in Blackheath, London SE3 (image credit: Winkworth) You could be just the third owner ever of this eye-catching 1960s Ted Keen modern house in Blackheath,...
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Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Try

When it comes to traditional bathroom designs, it usually takes inspiration from historical eras, regarding trending designs, decors or materials. Usually, styles that one think of when a traditional design is the case are Victorian and colonial...
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Discover Karim Rashid?s New Stunning Collection With Essential Home & DelightFULL

It?s finally here! Let?s discoverKarim Rashid?sbrand new collection,a special collaboration with the renowned mid-century Portuguese brands,Essential HomeandDelightFULL.Continue scrolling to find out everything about this stunning collection...
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DIY: How to Paint an American Flag Bench

Graphic use of color and pattern are two of my favorite things when it comes to decor. I guess that?s why I?ve always been drawn to flags ? it?s their striking use of bold hues and shapes that makes them memorable and eye-catching. The American flag...
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Luxe Loft

The act of Congress limiting the height of Washington buildings to a mere 130 feet not only protects the city?s skyline, but also enables residents to enjoy dramatic views of its iconic buildings. Such a vista presented itself when a DC dweller...
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